Closing Shop & Final Tally 

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All good things must come to an end

Even if I were able to scale this business and make good money out of it,
I’ve got too much on the go right now and don’t have time to work on it.

But this case study was more of an experiment anyway, and considering
that, it was a massive success!

Here's my financial report at the end of my
14-day free trial of Shopify: 


$191.59 — isn’t that great? 

All these sales were made in just three days and came from Instagram
direct messaging (3 orders) and the cosplay Facebook group (8 orders).
Unfortunately, the free influencer marketing I received didn’t work this time.

What Would I do Next?  

If I challenged myself to make even more money with this business (still with
no investment), I'd have two obvious options:

1. Sell the store
2. Grow my business

The first option is pretty easy as there are plenty of websites that let you
buy and sell businesses. But for the second option, I could imagine taking
the following action:

  • Dig really deep into the cosplay niche
  • Send more direct messages
  • Create business social media accounts
  • As mentioned previously, ask for shoutouts when orders arrive
  • Add a blog to my store and do interviews with bloggers and cosplayers
  • Start analyzing traffic with Google Analytics to optimize the user experience

And that’s just scratching the surface. There are many more opportunities
with this kind of business!  


Maybe you’ve noticed that I’ve blurred out parts of my images that show
my business name or the URL of my store. Now it’s time to show you:  

Nothing fancy; just a store with some real, honest work behind it. I really
loved this experiment and will definitely create more content like this in the
future. But besides being fun for me, I really hope this was helpful to you.

I really want you to have success with your business and I truly believe that
this is possible for everyone. The most important step is to stop dreaming
about overnight success and instead, be willing to put the work in!

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t become successful. As you
begin your journey, just remember one thing:

Don’t. Get. Fancy.  

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