The Beginner's Guide To Advertising On Facebook Ads pt2

The Beginner's Guide To Advertising On Facebook Ads pt2

Why Choose Facebook Ads?

As you probably already know, there is no such thing as a perfect solution. Any option will have its own list of advantages and disadvantages. Facebook is not immune to this fact.

The Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Facebook has a robust and powerful high-tech advertising targeting system

Facebook is still relatively cheap

Facebook has so much ad inventory that, depending on the kind of campaign you run, it is still very affordable compared to competing platforms like Google AdWords

Facebook helps you engage your customers

FB ads can also deliver the bottom line

Not only can Facebook help you stay relevant with your target audience members, but you can also plug in these ads to your actual sales funnel. They can, with the right strategy and the right sales funnel design, produce conversions. These are sales. These have an actual impact on your business' profitability.

You can break into new markets

Your FB campaign gets people familiar enough with your new market focus that you don't come off as a completely new player.

Facebook can drive leads

Facebook can boost your SEO

Since Google launched the Rank Brain algorithm update, click-through have begun to play an outsized role in Google's ranking algorithm. This means that when people are clicking your link over others, you're more likely to rise up the listings.

How is this possible with Facebook? Well, since Facebook campaigns make people more familiar with your brand name, your domain name, as well as your site name, you're not a complete stranger.

With everything else being equal, when people see your brand show up in search results, they're more likely to click it compared to a brand that they haven't heard of before. So, this has an aggregate effect.

And if this plays out with enough people over an extended period of time, don't be surprised if your organic rankings on Google also increase.

Facebook can help you close deals

If you're running a retargeting campaign on Facebook, Facebook will show your ad to users who’ve been to your site. It's not unusual for them to realize that they still need whatever it was that they came to your site for. A lot of them come back to your website and close the deal.

How effective is this strategy? According to many marketing surveys, up to 40% of buyers come back and buy because of this technology.

You get access to a very robust advertising system

Facebook efficiently slices and dices its audience demographics. If you target one person and that person typically buys from you, you can use that person's profile and apply it to other people who share the same profile to hopefully get the same results. You don't get that robust kind of targeting technology and capabilities with other platforms.

The Downside of Facebook Advertising

Here are just a few of the disadvantages Facebook has. It is by no means a perfect advertising platform. Not even by a long shot. You need to be aware of its downsides.

Facebook Campaign Success Turns Heavily on Ad Quality

If your ads are very vague, irrelevant or simply send the wrong message, don't be all that shocked if they don't produce the results you're looking for.

Beware of the Competition

Unless you really put in the time, effort and energy to create ads that will truly stand out, it's very easy for your competition to outclass you.

You Put Your Brand Out There and it can Be Exposed to Negative Comments on Facebook

As the old saying goes, bad news travels twice as fast as good news. For every good review you get, don't be surprised if you get two or more negative comments since it’s so easy to leave bad comments on FB.

You Need to Put in the Time to Properly Work Facebook's Ad System

The bad news is that, like with any other advertising platform or tool, you have to put in the time to master the learning curve. The good news is, with the right guide, like this book, you can cut back on time and maximize efficiency.

Also, by setting up the right ads to target the right eyeballs, you can also avoid some of the disadvantages listed above.

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