The Beginner's Guide To Advertising On Facebook Ads pt6

The Beginner's Guide To Advertising On Facebook Ads pt6

Create Your Facebook Page and Account

If you're going to create a Facebook Page for marketing purposes, you must first create a personal account. The account will then control the Facebook Page. You're going to run ads on the Facebook Page, but it is tied to an account.

Once you have put up a Page, you can then run ad campaigns.

You will see "Boost Your Post" or "Promote Your Page." When you click these, you get taken to Facebook Ad Manager.

Create a Personal Account First, and then Create a Page

When you have a personal account, you can then log in and create a Facebook Page. This is fairly straightforward. You just click the "Create a Page" tab, which is located on the upper right part of your account's dashboard.

Fill In Business Details

If you have an existing business already, creating a Facebook Page for your business isn't that mysterious. You basically just go down the list: business name, slogans. Even if you already have a website, you can post links to the content on your blog or your website to your page.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. The key here is to start a Facebook Page first based on your business name.

Once you have that name, you can then click "Get Started" to commence the page creation process. It's all pretty straightforward. Facebook will just ask you, step by step, to type in information and will start to populate your Facebook Page.

I would suggest, however, that you don't do this on a whim. Don't do this if you have nothing else better to do. Instead, you have to plan on doing this.

Make sure you go on places like Fiverr to get a professional Facebook cover done by a professional graphics designer. You should also have a writer craft some preliminary posts along with matching attention-grabbing graphics that are specific to your Facebook page.

Please understand that your Facebook Page is really the launching pad for your brand on Facebook.You can't just recycle content that you already have or, worse yet, slap together a page because, at the back of your head, all you're thinking about is you just want to run one ad campaign after the other.

While that may be true, you have to understand that your campaigns will still be tied to your page.

You may be this close to sealing that deal, and it turns out that when people click to your (incomplete or unprofessional) official page, you just give them a reason not to do business with you.

Don't let that happen to you. Make sure that when you set up a Facebook Page, it is as professional as it could be.

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